Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Blues

I bought this small (1 yard) remnant piece of material to make some of my fabric flowers with and use on a french style name banner project that has these colors.

 Little did I know just how pretty this piece is with its blue toile pattern. It was rolled very small and taped up when I bought it, so I really didn't see the pattern, it was the color and texture I liked.
I really love the detail of each panel.  This one is of a man and woman walking in the countryside.   The flourishes and flowers that surround each panel is so beautiful.

This panel has a young girl sitting in a garden stringing flowers, while in the background another girl is picking the flowers and putting them in her apron.  Again, the picture is surrounded with different flowers and flourishes.

The materials has printed on the edge French Floral Toile by Daisy Kingdom.  Oh, I would love to have more of this!

The intent was to us it on a name banner project I am putting together for a client.

There is absolutely, no way I am cutting up this gorgeous fabric to make flowers with it now!  I'll keep you posted on what I end up doing with it.

My other happy blues today was making blueberry jelly (more like syrup).  Bill likes this on his pancakes.

Every year I make up jars of this and pack it in Thanksgiving favor bags I make up for all my guest.  Bill cringes at the thought of me giving this away...even if it is for family and friends.

Have a great weekend,


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  1. Pretty material, Hey you gave me an idea, since I just got some blueberries!

    I have never done canning, is it that hard?

    I am Joyce a fellow CAST member