Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thinking of Wine and the Cooler Fall Weather

It is time again to get outside in the early morning and pick grapes.
Bill has built a brush burn in the fire pit outside...the smell reminds me of Fall leaves burning.  I let my imagination "go there" to the cooler weather.  I'm waiting.

We are going to have a good wine season.

 Just finished up picking the last of the pears.  Canning...canning...canning.
Finishing up picking the last of the figs as well.  I should have a good wine out of these little beauties too.

Miss Ruby hopes I'll drop a fig or two for her.




  1. Oh that will be nice to have that home made wine, and those canned pears yummy!

    I hvae never had fresh canned pears :)

    I love that pic of your chicken, did u drop a fig for her???

  2. picking grapes for wine!
    sounds magical!