Thursday, March 7, 2013

Recent Vintage Finds

 Found this lovely boy skipping stones.  The finish on the piece has subtle shades of brown, pink, and greens, and besides, it looks like my grandson Nolan.  The statue measures 24" height and is made from plaster.  I was thrilled by the level of detail in this piece.
 I just loved this bunny and felt it would add a bit of whimsy to my studio.  Love the long ears.  This is a large full body rabbit with some weight to it.  
I buy art work based on what I like and find pretty.  This piece was a surprise to me.  Fairy prints by K.W. Diefenbach 1 of 6 minitures in the original frame.  It is a reverse painting on glass.  Small 4 x 5" piece, but beautiful.

 This small dish was too cute to pass up.  The image is of The Mermaid House in Rye, Sussex.  It is Sandland Ware from Staffordshire, England.  There is a little girl feeding chickens in the yard.  My kind of place!
 My sister picked this framed postcard up for me, as she knows how much I love my horse Magic.  He looks very much like the one in the picture. 
 And she found these super small paper dolls that are very Jane Austin.  Love the period dresses.
 Not sure what I am going to do with these, but loved the finish on them.
 This brass ornate pieces is large enough to fit under my potted orange tree and allows for me to move it around with its small wheels. 
All my best until next time.

Your FaithfulCrafter...Valerie