Thursday, October 27, 2016

Marie Antoinette, Queen of France

Just received my new book Marie Antoinette.  I found it while touring France and visiting the Palace of Versailles.
This is a beautifully designed book and covers the life of the ill-fated queen, her husband, and children.  It begins with her life at the Viennese Court, then marriage to the King, court life at Versailles including Petit Trianon.
 The book finishes with her down-fall, the revolution, and tragic end.

Petit Trianon-The Queen's Refuge is also covered very well, showing the buildings, clothing and lifestyle while the queen was there.
Sincerely appreciate the level of details the book offers regarding Dressing The Queen as well as her furnishings and room décor at the palace.
The photography and details are gorgeous throughout and is a must-have for those interested in life and times of Marie Antoinette.

With love,