Monday, December 13, 2010

Pageants and Buttons

Just got back from visiting my sister in South Florida.  We went to see my niece and her family in a play titled "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever".  A lighthearted comedy that helps everyone understand the real meaning of is the time we take to recognize the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. 

The beautiful angel below is my niece's daughter Aubrey.  She played Gladys Herdman, a mean girl in a family of mean kids, that has the opportunity in a Christmas Pageant to play the Angel that delivers the message to the shepards about the birth of Christ.

My niece Michelle is the one in the middle with the handbag and orange coat on and plays Mrs. McCarthy, a well-meaning church mom that gossips too much.  This photo is at the end of the play when the cast gives all the praise to the Lord. 

Now that I am back home, I'm sitting down to enjoy a nice cup of hot tea and finish reading this edition of Artful Blogging.  Not that I could pick out the best article this edition, but I really enjoyed reading about A Friend To Knit With and took time to visit her blog.
How wonderful.

Each artist has their own take on why they started blogging and what their path has been on their journey.  All the stories are an insightful read. 

The other task at hand, is sorting my button box.  Recently, I picked up a few more vintage buttons at the local flea market and added them to my yummy collection. 

Stay warm and best regards,



  1. Hi Valerie! I wish you and your family very - very happy holidays. I want that in your house will always be happiness and good luck. And all your family will be healthy. With best regards from snow-covered Russia. Natasha.

  2. aww. thanks for making me smile.

    glad you got to spend time with family... Aubrey is adorable!
    Merry Christmas!