Monday, January 2, 2012

Using Antique and Vintage Jewelry In My Art Work

I have been collecting vintage and antique jewelry my whole life.  Each piece holds a fasination for me.  Who wore this?  Was it a gift from a loved one, or did they buy it for themselves?

The delicate nature of these pieces have lasted over time, and are still useful even in their worn state.   Re-purposing old jewelry into my art adds a vintage and antique deminsion to my work.

Did she feel like royality when she wore this crown pin?
This one is very worn and the patina is great.  The gold tone metal monogram is pitted and scratched.  The wood is still in good condition and adds to the weight of this piece.
This charm bracelet has a history to it.  The charms are delicate and meaningful to the previous owner.  A martini shaker, a chair, a bowling pin, random bits of someones life. 
Did the gentleman that owned this tie clasp use it regularly or just for special occassions?  Because of its petite size, did it belong to a woman?
Was this key representative of true love?  Did it promise that someone holds the key to their heart?
  These little treasures, from the past, will make a fine embellishment to my new art work. 

All my best,



  1. Those are really lovely pieces, Valerie! Thanks so much for sharing them! A very Happy New Year to you!...Nancy :o)

  2. Antique Jewelry is really holds fascination for everyone. Look forward to read more post of yours.