Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yummy Paris Cones

Had some fun today messing around making these wedding favor cones.  They are great for a petal toss or candy station.
I even thought these could get used for Christmas gifts to friends and family...stuffing them with home-made treats.
They were a little labor intensive to make.    The die cut is made from my Cricut machine and the cones have a nice scalloped detail at the top.  Before I roll the cut-out into the cone shape, I hand-stamp each piece in French script.  I made a mask piece for the Eiffel Tower, so when I stamped the script there is a big blank spot where the tower will go. 
Then, I stamp the tower in place.  The cone top is edged in vintage photo ink, giving it an aged appearance.  Next, I glue the cone together.  What a tricky little bugger! 

I then created a monogram tag for the bride and groom, edged it too in vintage photo ink, then secured it to hang from the cone with a 1/8" satin ribbon. 

Overall, these came out really cute.  I posted them on my etsy shop...we'll see what the "Brides" think!



  1. I think they are beautiful Valerie. But you know Im a bit prejudice. Im getting married in March and if I were having a big wedding I probably could do something like that. But we are having a private ceremony. Although, we probably will have some type of get together after we come back so we could celebrate with our friends, so this is a great idea. But you did a really nice job!!!!!

  2. They're really lovely, Valerie! Wonderful as wedding cones, but all kinds of possibilities come to mind for Christmas! And Easter, and Fall, and Spring, and fun! lol Thanks for sharing!...Nancy :o)

  3. Praise the Lord! I'm so glad that I found you! I've subbed to your YT channel and I'm a follower of your blog! I hope you can come and follow me too! I love all your tutorials, even though I'm still watching some! I also see that you have an etsy and I'm definately coming over there!

    {Hugs & Blessings}