Thursday, June 23, 2011


Bill and I adventured out to a new area of town in Gainesville today.  You may not think it is a big deal, but when you live out in the country, exploring and finding new places to eat and shop can be fun.  We had a late breakfast at a place called The Flying Muffin.  All I can say are the grits are the most amazing I have ever had, and I've eaten a lot of grits.  These had sharp white cheese in them.  Yum!

We then strolled over to a French pasty shop called Uppercrust.

The minute you open the doors you are overcome with the smell of herbs and fresh baked bread.  The back wall behind the counter was lined with French Pain aux Noix, baguettes, French Pain de Campagne Rustique, Epi, the variety of breads were overwhelming.  We chose this rosemary herb baguette for dinner tonight and will have it with a bottle of our Running Waters wine.  (Yes, I make wine as well.)

Freshly made pastries, croissants, scones, and cookies are lined up front and center in the glass display cases.  I would have had a picture here of two chocolate chip cookies, but we ate them in the car before we got home.

Teas, wines and other imported goods from France and Italy lined the other wall.  It reminded Bill and I of our adventure out on the backstreets and shops of Venice, Italy.

I picked up this can of Harney & Sons tea called Midsummer's Peach.  It is a decaffeinated black tea with peach flavorings.  More than likely, I'll have mine iced!  Love the canister too.

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  1. Sounds so yummy! Love fresh bread and a cup of tea! How is your leg feeling? Better I hope. Kate