Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summertime Tag Series

I'm having fun making these Summertime Tags.

We have butterflies everywhere in the garden and orchard this year.  They are so pretty and wanted to include them as part of this series.  I designed these tags titled Butterfly KISSES in black and hot pink colors and printed them out on my laser printer.  Then I hand-stamped the butterfly in black ink and hand applied the the cotton candy pink ink on the wings.

The magnolia trees are blooming here in the South.  The From the HEART series I did captures the beauty of the flower on this vintage looking tag set.

With all this heat, it is time to escape to the beach and walk the seashore.

This series of tags has the theme of beach, seashore, and seashells.  I like the pearl on the seashell tag, it adds a little dimension to the piece.  Also, the aquamarine colors on the starfish tags remind me of the seaside.

Hope you enjoyed this Summertime tag series.



  1. These are so pretty! I added your shop to my favs! ♥

  2. Beautiful! how is your foot feeling? praying it is better soon!

  3. These look so beautiful Valerie - so light and so effective!

  4. Hi Vallerie,
    These tags are beautiful!
    Thanks so much for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment.
    enJOY a lovely week,

  5. Beautiful tags!