Saturday, April 30, 2011

Traveling Pants

I have my traveling pants on.  Going to visit our son in Virginia.  Making a few stops a lot the way and hope to find a few crafting goodies.

In the meantime, thought I would share the pictures of my grandsons (Nick, Nathan, and Nolan) playing in a local farmers field of flowers.

Have a most wonderful day.  Valerie


  1. Oh Valerie! These pictures are fabulous! Enjoy your journey...and I hope to hear about your crafty finds when you get back!...Nancy :o)

  2. Very beautiful photos! Beauty, and charming children ... what could be better! Let your grandchildren will healthy and happy. I wish all your family blessed days. Your friend, Natasha

  3. I hope you enjoyed your trip. It's always so much fun to stop along the way to shop. I remember when my boys were young, I would pay them a "finder's fee" if they found something I liked...kept them busy. Your grandsons are precious.